Alamo Equities

How I helped:

  • I got their homepage slider and bg images in other locations to work again
  • I added a leadership section on their about page and reformatted their pages that were hard coded. 
  • I installed a SSL certificate to secure their website traffic
  • They turned into repeat customers and I helped them with other projects like converting a PDF into a website and rebuilding a Squarespace website.


What the client said:

Noe is pretty darn awesome!

He's knowledgeable, communicative, patient and very kind. We are located in California, he's in Texas, and the timing worked well for us; We would discuss details of our scope during the day, and he worked in the evenings, so by the time you and your team are back in the office the next day, we would have a finished product.

Overall, I had a pleasant experience working with Noe, and would hire him again in the future. I highly recommend Noe Garcia.

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